Name Weight Price
Anchovy Fillets Provencal 200g £3.95
Anchovy Fillets Plain 200g £3.95
Anchovy Fillets Garlic 200g £3.95
Bandarillas    Anchovy with olives 200g £3.95
Octopus Tentacles  450g  
Seafood Salad                                  Sold Loose per 100g £2.99
Octopus Salad                                  Sold Loose per 100g £2.99
Rollmops 475g Tub £3.95
Herring in Dill 475g Tub £4.80
Herring in Luxury 475g Tub £4.80
Herring with Pickled Cucumber      New line 220g £3.50
Herring with Olives                         New line 220g £3.50
Herring with Spicy Herbs                New line 220g £3.50
Cooked Quail Eggs in Jar 48 per jar £14.95