Name Weight Price
Aiolo 80g £2.50
Black Olive Tapenade 80g £2.70
Block of Duck Foie Gras 90g £8.20
chicken liver pate with cognac 180g £2.90
Chilli Galore Jars   £3.45
Chillis Dipping Sauce 25fl oz £2.65
Coconut Milk 400ml £1.35
Cornichons 200g £3.30
Duck Fat 180g £2.59
Duck Pate 280g £6.25
Duck Pate de Foie Gras 180g £4.90
Duck Pate with Orange 180g £3.50
Duck Rillettes 180g £4.95
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml £3.95
Game Sauce 200g £3.50
Goat with Basil Pate 180g £4.45
Goose Fat 300g £3.99
Goose pate with chestnuts 180g £3.45
Goose Rillettes 180g £5.10
Green Olive Tapenade 80g £2.59
Guinea Fowl Pate with Hazelnut 180g £3.50
Jugged Hare with wild thyme 600g £13.50
Mackerel Rillettes with Grain Mustard 125g £4.15
Oyster Sauce 20fl oz £3.25
Pepper Sauce 200g £3.30
Pheasant Pate with Armagnac 180g £3.50
Pork Rillettes 180g £3.55
Quail Pate with White Wine & Grapes 180g £4.60
Rabbit Pate 180g £3.25
Rapeseed Oil yare valley 250ml £3.50
Ratatouille 200g £4.15
Roquefort Sauce 200g £3.35
Rouille 80g £2.65
Salmon Terrine with Dill 180g £4.25
Smoked Duck Pate 90g £2.75
Squid ink sachets 2x4g £0.70
Sundried Tomato Caviar 80g £2.70
Sweet Olive Confit with Lemon 80g £2.59
Sweet Pepper and Chilli Sauce 250ml £3.99
Trout Terrine with Almonds 180g £4.15
Venison Pate with Burgundy 180g £3.50
Venison Pate with Cognac 280g £6.25
Wild Boar Pate 180g £3.50
Wild Boar Pate 280g £6.25
Wild Boar with blueberries & merlot 200g £4.65
Wild Rabbit with Thyme 280g £6.75
Wood Pigeon pate with forest mushrooms 180g £4.60