Norfolk Great Grove is a traditional family run farm. They specialise in producing quality Award Winning Free Range Turkey & Geese just for the  Christmas market. Their Norfolk Turkeys and Geese are free to roam around 35 acres of Norfolk woodland and grassland enhancing a stress free environment. Using an aged old method of farming they allow the Turkeys and Geese plenty of time to grow to maturity giving a far superior quality bird with a natural gamey flavours. Everything is prepared on the farm, graded and game hung in large chillers ( minimum 10 days) to make them exceptionally tender, adding all the flavours that this type of production depends on.    
  Size Price
Free Range Bronze Turkey 4.5-7kg  
Free Range Bronze Turkey 7-9kg  
Free Range Bronze Crown 3.5kg+  
Free Range Bronze Breast Joint 1.0-7.0kg  
Free Range Bronze Turkey  (Half)                   Approx 3.5kg  
Free Range White Turkey 4.5-7kg  
Free Range White Turkey 7-9kg  
Free Range White Crown 3.5kg+  
Free Range White Breast Joint 1.0-7kg  
Free Range Goose    
Free Range Great Grove Goose 4.5-6.5kg  
Free Range Gressingham  Goose 4-6.5kg  
Free Range Chicken    
Free Range  Chicken    Sutton Hoo up to 2.5kg £7.95kg
Gressingham Ducks    
Gressingham Whole Ducks 1.7-2.5kg £5.95kg
Gressingham Duck Breasts Approx 400g pair £17.95kg
Gressingham Duck Legs Approx 340g pair £6.95kg
Frozen Duck Foie Gras Approx 600g N/A
Whole Guinea Fowl Farm raised Approx 1.3kg £5.95kg
Guinea Fowl Supremes 2 per pack £5.95kg
 Homemade Pork Sausages,( free range/ gluten free)    
Traditional Sausage   £8.45kg
Chipolatas   £8.95kg
Pork Sausage meat Meat 454g £4.50
Pigs in Blankets (12 pack)   N/A
Dry Cured Smoked Back Bacon   £11.95kg
Dry Cured Smoked Streaky Bacon   £9.95kg