Platters to share are a great way to entertain with ease whilst pleasing your guests with a range of different foods!

Sharing platters can be made to order with 24 hours notice to suit you and your guests personal tastes, here is a suggestion of what you could possibly make your platters you with…

Smoked & Shellfish Platters-  Scottish Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout Fillet, Hot Smoked Salmon, Smoked Mackerel, Pulled Arbroath Smokies, Peeled Brown Shrimps, Shell on Prawns (cooked), Crevettes, Oysters, Dressed Crab & Lobsters (when in season) and Samphire (local available in season).

Hot Fish Platters- Filo/Breaded Prawns, Tempura Anchovies, Blanchbait, Whitebait, Plaice Goujons, Rock Lobster Tails, Mussels, Battered Squid, Squid Rings. (These products are frozen and this platter requires you to cook the products before serving)

Deli Platter– Chorizo, Proscuitto, Serano Ham, Smoked Chicken Breasts, Smoked Duck Breast.

If you are unsure as to what you think would be best or are on a budget, let us know and we can help design a platter to suit your taste and needs.

Local Game Season Over!

All of our Game is sourced locally and comes from sustainable stocks, prepared and oven ready. Game birds will be available frozen.

Pheasants £4.25 each
Mallards £4.95 each
Partridge £2.99 each
Game Pie Mix £9.95 per kilo (£4.51lb)
Hand Diced Venison Joint £9.50kg (£4.31lb)
Venison Haunch Steaks £18.95kg (£8.60lb)
Venison Haunch Joints £17.95kg (£8.14lb)
Venison Loin or Fillet £35.95kg (£16.30lb)



Next in Season...

Next up on the fish calendar is the Crab season which dependant on weather should hopefully be towards the end of March. However if you just can’t wait we do have frozen Cromer dressed crabs available.

Cromer Crab