Free Range Turkey Package

A Christmas package that includes,
4.5kg Bronze Turkey, 500g Sausage meat,
12 Pigs in Blankets,
250g (approx 8 rashers) Smoked Streaky Bacon
1 x Jar of Cranberry sauce.


Free Range Bronze Turkey

4.5-7kg £13.50 kilo
7.1-9kg £12.50 kilo
Supplied from Great Grove a award winning farm in the heart of Norfolk. All birds are free range and are given the run of a 35 acre woodland.


Free Range Great Grove Goose

4.5-7.5kg in size.
All Great Grove Geese and Turkey's are given free range of farmland and woodland these birds are reared and prepared in the traditional way giving a very succulent texture to the meat and skin.


Cornfed Whole Chicken

A delightful Chicken with lots of flavour.


Venison Loins

A lean meat full of flavour that simply mealts in your mouth.
A tasty alternative to use for a Wellington.
Locally Sourced.


Haunch Steaks

Cut to size. Price per kg.
A wonderful steak ( treat like a beef steak) full of gamey flavours.
Sourced locally.