Scottish Smoked Salmon Sliced Pack

A classically smoked salmon from traditional red brick kilns.
Available in a selection of sizes: 100, 200g, 454g.
Larger sizes available but are priced per kg. Please contact the shop to order.


Enderby Sliced Smoked Salmon

100g "D" sliced pack
A dry cured traditional smoked salmon is naturally cold smoked in a truly traditional way, over slowly smouldering wood shavings for up to 24 hours.

Enderby sides and hand sliced smoked salmon is also available and sold per kg. Please pre-order with the shop directly.


Hot Smoked Salmon Portions

Available as 180g or 250g portions
Smoked Traditionally over oak and beech chippings to create a moist and flaky fillet.
Ideal with salad and new potatoes.


Crevettes Prawns (11-20)

1kg box.
The largest Mediterranean Prawn we stock. Perfect to impress family and friends.
Defrost peel and enjoy.


Crevette Prawns (31-40)

Crevettes 31/40 1kg box
Defrost peel and enjoy.