Local Cheeses

Mrs Temple Binham Blue

A fantastic handmade cheese using cow milk sourced from her own farm.
A creamy blue cheese with good subtle flavour throughtout that is not to over powering to the pallet. A must for any cheese board.
Packed in approximately 200 gram wedges.


Norfolk White Lady

170g Pack
Locally supplied from near to Wymondham.
Norfolk White lady is a full fat vegetarian soft, bloomy Brie style cheese made from sheep's milk. Medium Strength of Cheese.


Norfolk Dapple

Norfolk Dapple is a ' chedder style' cheese from Ferndale Farm using fresh whole milk , it has a hard texture and a natural flavour which also has a hint of nutiness in the flavour.
Various Pack sizes


Norfolk Smoked Dapple

A smooth and creamy 'chedder style' is gently smoked for 12 hours. Mature and full flavoured with a dry and hard texture. Perfect as a addition to any cheese board.
Various Pack sizes.


Baron Bigod

250g Pack
A raw milk artisan cheese, one of only a few cheeses that are made on the farm where the milk is produced.
A delicious cheese a real MUST for any cheese board.


Wensum White

225g Pack
A delicious brie style goat cheese, a favourite melted, baked or as it comes.
Produced just outside Norwich.