French Mustard

170g Jar
Ooh la la Steak's first love.
Gluten Free and suitable for vegans.


Dijon Mustard

170g Jar
Gluten free and Vegan


Mint Sauce

180g Jar
Gluten free and Vegan


Salmon Keta Roe

100g Jar
A lovely orange egg with a pop when you eat them.


Lumpfish Roe

100g Jar
Available in Black or Red roe.


Perard Lobster Soup

850cl Sachet.
A delightful soup to feed 4, impress your friends or family.6.95


Perard Crab Soup

850cl Sachet
A very popular soup that will feed 4 people.


Perard Fish Soup

850cl Sachet.
A delicous fish soup for 4 people.


Squid Ink Jar

500g Jar
Perfect for black pasta or many Spanish recipes.


Saffron Threads

The most expensive spice in the world as each stigma is hand picked.
A perfect way to season the rice for Paella and many Spanish dishes.


Finco la Braca Oak Smoked Alioli

A rich indulgent alioli made using oak-smoked oil from Toledo.
Very useful as a accompaniment to grilled meats, fish or simple vegetables.
115g Jar


Perello Caperberries

180g Jar
The fruit of the caper bush, pairs well with fish, from scallops to sea bass. Not quite as sharp as a caper it is a great addition to a charcuterie or cheese board.
Gluten Free


Perello Cocktail Gherkins

190g Jar
With silverskin onions and spices marinaded in white wine vinager.
The perfect accompaniment for cheeses and charcuterie, delicious when added to a potato salad.
Gluten Free


Perello Hot Guindilla Peppers

Guindilla peppers are sharp and piquant taste, and make a perfect accompaniment to cheeses and charcuterie with a kick.