Perello Hot Guindilla Peppers

Guindilla peppers are sharp and piquant taste, and make a perfect accompaniment to cheeses and charcuterie with a kick.


Navarrico Fumet Fish Stock

A concentrated fish stock perfect for making Paella, fish or seafood soup and stews.
480g Jar


Finco la Braca Oak Smoked Alioli

A rich indulgent alioli made using oak-smoked oil from Toledo.
Very useful as a accompaniment to grilled meats, fish or simple vegetables.
115g Jar


Nora Pepper Paste

Mild and gently fruity, when dried. Nora peppers can be used in pasta sauces or as a base for pizzas.
Perfect for spicing up any recipe.
140g jar


Saffron Threads

The most expensive spice in the world as each stigma is hand picked.
A perfect way to season the rice for Paella and many Spanish dishes.


Calasparra Paella Rice

Ahighly absorbent rice so it can really show off the flavour of a good stock.
Spanish Paella Rice
1kg bag


Sofos Natural Seasoning

Pack of 3 x 3g seasoning for Paella, marinades for chicken and in stews.
1 sachet per 6 servings (600/700g of rice).


Squid Ink Jar

500g Jar
Perfect for black pasta or many Spanish recipes.


Salmon Keta Roe

100g Jar
A lovely orange egg with a pop when you eat them.


Avenkha Roe

Herring roe in a 120g jar.


Lumpfish Roe

100g Jar
Available in Black or Red roe.