We supply an extensive range of Fish, wild caught where possible from local areas or further afield, and Shell fish most of which is sourced locally as the season changes. The range is enhanced by farmed fish as needed.

All our fresh fish products can be fully prepared to your needs (as is practical to do so) by our experienced staff. This includes Scaling, Cleaning, Filleting, Pin boning ,Butterfly filleting, Steaking, Portioning, Skinning, and vacuum packing if you require.

We offer a wide selection of Fish and Shellfish everyday. Should you need something we do not stock with notice will try to source this for you.

Scottish King Scallops

The finest king scallops come from the clear ,clean waters from around Scotland's coast.
Very popular for a special meal.
Pan fry in Olive oil and butter in a hot pan.
Sold generally as a number as sizes can vary.


Scottish Salmon fillet

The best Scottish Salmon available, Hand reared in the Scottish highlands.
RSPCA Assured quality Salmon, grown slowly for a delicious taste.
Suitable for Sushi.
Portioned and pin boned ready to use.


Whole Cromer Crab

Caught off Cromer.
Simply the best brown crab available ( we think).
Ready for you to dress yourself.


Cromer Lobster Cooked

Caught and supplied to us from a independant fisherman.
Sizes vary and available live, cooked or dressed ready to eat. When in season.
Supplied cooked or dressed, please contact shop.


Brancaster Mussels

Simply the best Mussels available. (we think)
Farmed in the creeks and channels off Brancaster in north Norfolk
Best cooked simply to enjoy there flavour best.
Available October- March


Brancaster Oysters

A plump juicy oyster farmed off the North Norfolk coast, regarded as the some of the best oysters available.


Peeled Brown Shrimps

100g Pack
Perfect for homemade potted shrimp or simply to add to a salad or pasta.
Delightful taste.


Crevettes Prawns (11-20)

Sold loose, Prices and sizes vary
The largest Mediterranean Prawn we stock. Perfect to impress family and friends.
Defrost peel and enjoy.