Fresh Fish

Scottish King Scallops

The finest king scallops come from the clear ,clean waters from around Scotland's coast.
Very popular for a special meal.
Pan fry in Olive oil and butter in a hot pan.
Sold generally as a number as sizes can vary.


Scottish Salmon fillet

The best Scottish Salmon available, Hand reared in the Scottish highlands.
RSPCA Assured quality Salmon, grown slowly for a delicious taste.
Suitable for Sushi.
Portioned and pin boned ready to use.


Sea Bream whole 400-600g

Farmed in Turkey or Greece.
Also known as Sea Bream.
400-600g ideal as a single portion, baked, grilled or on the BBQ.
Scaled and gutted ready to use.


Monkfish (Whole)

Double skinned and trimmed ready to bake,
A firm textured and meaty white fish very different from any other white fish.
Perfect for a fish hotpot or baked in the oven.
Average tails 1kg-1.5kg


Doversole (Whole)

A firm sweet flavour.
Available in various sizes, we double skin so you can grill, bake or pan fry.
Also perfect as a fillets.
The king of the flat fish range.
Average size 450g-550g


Lemonsole Fillets

A delicate flavour perfect either pan fried or rolled and poached ( remember to ask for it skinned if you are rolling them).
A fillet on average weighs 150g from a medium size fish