Fresh Fish

Cod Fillet

A large thick fillet and perfect for cooking many ways, a beautiful white fillet.
Caught from the Scottish North Sea.
Scaled and pin-boned


Hake Fillet

A delicate soft white fillet that has a lovely taste a very popular alternative to Cod or Haddock.
Scaled and pin-boned.


Coley Fillet

The least expensive member of the Cod family.
A very good fillet for cooking many ways, brilliant in pies or currys as it holds its flake very well.


Halibut Fillet

Halibut is regarded as a prime fish and its flavour is second to none with a lovely white meaty fillet.


Brill Fillet

A wonderful firm fillet to bake, pan fry or bake. A lovely sweet taste.
Very similar to Turbot in appearance with a lighter skin.


Turbot ( Whole)

Available in various sizes, bake in salt for a perfect presentation piece to your friends and family. A delicious fish regarded as one of the best you can buy.


Wild Sea Bass (Whole)

Caught from the North Sea or off the South Coast of England.
A wonderful fish to bake whole , full off flavour.



Stone Bass Fillets

Farmed in Greece or Turkey.
Stone bass has a firmer texture than Farmed Sea bass and is very popular in Europe.
Fillets may vary in size.


Tuna Loin

Yellow Fin Tuna, line caught and suitable for Sushi



Cornish Fresh Squid

A wonderful fish suitable for many recipes.
Various sizes available.
Not always available fresh , frozen supplied if fresh unavailable.