Fresh Fish

Cod Fillet

A large thick fillet and perfect for cooking many ways, a beautiful white fillet.
Caught from the Scottish North Sea.
Scaled and pin-boned


Hake Fillet

A delicate soft white fillet that has a lovely taste a very popular alternative to Cod or Haddock.
Scaled and pin-boned.


Coley Fillet

The least expensive member of the Cod family.
A very good fillet for cooking many ways, brilliant in pies or currys as it holds its flake very well.


Halibut Fillet

Halibut is regarded as a prime fish and its flavour is second to none with a lovely white meaty fillet.


Brill Fillet

A wonderful firm fillet to bake, pan fry or bake. A lovely sweet taste.
Very similar to Turbot in appearance with a lighter skin.


Turbot ( Whole)

Available in various sizes, bake in salt for a perfect presentation piece to your friends and family. A delicious fish regarded as one of the best you can buy.


Wild Sea Bass (Whole)

Caught from the North Sea or off the South Coast of England.
A wonderful fish to bake whole , full off flavour.



Stone Bass Fillets

Farmed in Greece or Turkey.
Stone bass has a firmer texture than Farmed Sea bass and is very popular in Europe.
Fillets may vary in size.