Fresh Fish

Cornish Fresh Squid

A wonderful fish suitable for many recipes.
Various sizes available.
Not always available fresh , frozen supplied if fresh unavailable.


Skate Wings

A wonderful fish , perfect pan fried with capers in butter.
Caught in the North Sea or off the South Coast.
Portion sizes can vary depending on wing size.


Rainbow Trout

Generally portion size for one.
A delicate pink flesh.
Farmed in inland fresh water lakes.
If unavailable fresh we will supply frozen.


Rainbow Trout Fillets

Fresh water farmed fish with a delicate taste.
If unavailable fresh we will supply frozen.


John Dory (Whole)

They say the ugliest fish are the tastiest, its certainly true with John Dory.
Often sold as fillets but available whole.


Fish Pie Mix (Ragout)

A selection of diced mixed fish, containing Salmon and assorted white fish.
Skinned and pin boned ready to use.
Available FROZEN until markets reopen in January.


Homemade Fish Pie

Individual fish pie, with a Potato topping, made by us.
Contains Mixed fish, Potatoes, Milk, Eggs, Butter, Parsley, Capers and Flour,
Supplied frozen.