We supply an extensive range of Fish, wild caught where possible from local areas or further afield, and Shell fish most of which is sourced locally as the season changes. The range is enhanced by farmed fish as needed.

All our fresh fish products can be fully prepared to your needs (as is practical to do so) by our experienced staff. This includes Scaling, Cleaning, Filleting, Pin boning ,Butterfly filleting, Steaking, Portioning, Skinning, and vacuum packing if you require.

We offer a wide selection of Fish and Shellfish everyday. Should you need something we do not stock with notice will try to source this for you.

Sea Bream whole 400-600g

Farmed in Turkey or Greece.
Also known as Sea Bream.
400-600g ideal as a single portion, baked, grilled or on the BBQ.
Scaled and gutted ready to use.


Monkfish (Whole)

Double skinned and trimmed ready to bake,
A firm textured and meaty white fish very different from any other white fish.
Perfect for a fish hotpot or baked in the oven.
Average tails 1kg-1.5kg


Doversole (Whole)

A firm sweet flavour.
Available in various sizes, we double skin so you can grill, bake or pan fry.
Also perfect as a fillets.
The king of the flat fish range.
Average size 450g-550g


Lemonsole Fillets

A delicate flavour perfect either pan fried or rolled and poached ( remember to ask for it skinned if you are rolling them).
A fillet on average weighs 150g from a medium size fish


Cod Fillet

A large thick fillet and perfect for cooking many ways, a beautiful white fillet.
Caught from the Scottish North Sea.


Hake Fillet

A delicate soft white fillet that has a lovely taste a very popular alternative to Cod or Haddock.


Scottish Smoked Salmon Sliced Pack

A classically smoked salmon from traditional red brick kilns.
Available in a selection of sizes: 100, 200g, 454g.
Larger sizes available but are priced per kg. Please contact the shop to order.


Enderby Sliced Smoked Salmon

100g "D" sliced pack
A dry cured traditional smoked salmon is naturally cold smoked in a truly traditional way, over slowly smouldering wood shavings for up to 24 hours.

Enderby sides and hand sliced smoked salmon is also available and sold per kg. Please pre-order with the shop directly.


Hot Smoked Salmon Portions

Available as 180g or 250g portions
Smoked Traditionally over oak and beech chippings to create a moist and flaky fillet.
Ideal with salad and new potatoes.