We supply an extensive range of Fish, wild caught where possible from local areas or further afield, and Shell fish most of which is sourced locally as the season changes. The range is enhanced by farmed fish as needed.

All our fresh fish products can be fully prepared to your needs (as is practical to do so) by our experienced staff. This includes Scaling, Cleaning, Filleting, Pin boning ,Butterfly filleting, Steaking, Portioning, Skinning, and vacuum packing if you require.

We offer a wide selection of Fish and Shellfish everyday. Should you need something we do not stock with notice will try to source this for you.

Crevettes Prawns (11-20)

1kg box.
The largest Mediterranean Prawn we stock. Perfect to impress family and friends.
Defrost peel and enjoy.


Crevette Prawns (31-40)

Crevettes sold loose approx price each
Defrost peel and enjoy.


Crevette Prawns (31-40)

Crevettes 31/40 1kg box
Defrost peel and enjoy.


Scottish Smoked Salmon Trimmings

250g pack
A perfect pack for pate's , mousses or stirred into scrambled eggs for a perfect breakfast.