We supply an extensive range of Fish, wild caught where possible from local areas or further afield, and Shell fish most of which is sourced locally as the season changes. The range is enhanced by farmed fish as needed.

All our fresh fish products can be fully prepared to your needs (as is practical to do so) by our experienced staff. This includes Scaling, Cleaning, Filleting, Pin boning ,Butterfly filleting, Steaking, Portioning, Skinning, and vacuum packing if you require.

We offer a wide selection of Fish and Shellfish everyday. Should you need something we do not stock with notice will try to source this for you.

Cornish Fresh Squid

A wonderful fish suitable for many recipes.
Various sizes available.
Not always available fresh , frozen supplied if fresh unavailable.


Skate Wings

A wonderful fish , perfect pan fried with capers in butter.
Caught in the North Sea or off the South Coast.
Portion sizes can vary depending on wing size.


Rainbow Trout

Generally portion size for one.
A delicate pink flesh.
Farmed in inland fresh water lakes.
If unavailable fresh we will supply frozen.


Smoked Haddock Florentine Fish cakes

Lightly smoked haddock with mature Cheddar , spinach and mashed potato in a light crispy breadcrumb .
2 x 115g per pack.
Oven bake from frozen.


Chapman’s Seafood Wellington’s

Handmade Gourmet Wellington's produced in Grimsby.
Salmon and King Prawns in a Thermidor sauce, wrapped in puff pastry andfinished with a slice of lemon & parsley.
2 x 220g per pack.
Oven bake from frozen.


Scottish Smoked Salmon Trimmings

250g pack
A perfect pack for pate's , mousses or stirred into scrambled eggs for a perfect breakfast.


Chapman’s Smoked Haddock Wellingtons

Handmade Gourmet Wellingtons produced in Grimsby.
Smoked Haddock fillet with a cheese and spinach sauce wrapped in a light puff pastry case.
2 x 205g per pack.
Oven bake from frozen.


Breaded Lemonsole Goujons

454g bag
A handy pack to have in the freezer, enough for 2 good portions.
Suitable to cook : oven bake, or deepfry.


Smoked Haddock Fillets (undyed)

Smoked overnight in a traditional 100 year old smoke house, regarded as one of the best smoked houses in the country, also recognised internationally and has been given the Protected Geographical Status.