Whole Black Tiger Prawns 8/12

Perfect for the BBQ, Griddle or Pan fried.
Generally 12 per box


Whole Black Tiger Prawns 6/8

1kg Box
The largest Whole Raw Tiger Prawns we stock.
Perfect for impressing family and friends.
Generally 8 per box


Whole Tiger Prawns 2/4

A new line, the very largest whole prawn we have. Graded as 2/4 we would expect 4 per box.


King Prawn Tails 6/8

800g bag.
Headless, Shell-on Easy Peel Prawns.
Largest size we stock.
Delicious split and pan fried or peeled and cooked in a tempura batter.


King Prawn Tails 8/12

800g bag
Headless, Shell-on Easy Peel King Prawns.
Easy to split and cook. delicious with Garlic Butter or peeled and leave tip on for tempura Prawns.