Piper Seafood Whole Tail Scampi

Breaded Whole tail scampi tails.
Produced in Scotland
A quality product to have in the freezer for a easy meal.


Breaded Torpedo Prawns

500g box
Graded as 26/30 per box.
Perfect deep fried in 3-4 minutes perfect dipped in a chilli sauce


Block Fresh Water King Prawns U5

Block Prawns U5. Gross weight 1.4kg, net weight 700g
Headless Shell on.

The prawn to use in Asian cooking


Block Fresh Water King Prawns 21/25

Raw Headless shell on Prawns
Size 21/25
Gross weight 1.4kg Net Weight 700g
Used for all Asian cooking.


Luxury Peeled Scampi

454g bag
Raw peeled Langostines
Produced in Scotland, trawl caught in the North East Atlantic.


Jumbo Peeled Scampi

454g bag
Produced in Scotland, Scampi trawl caught.
Individually quick frozen raw scampi tails.


Lobster Meat

Sold in 320g tub frozen from Canada.
Makes a special mac'n'cheese and many other recipes.


50-50 Crab meat

454g tub
Scottish crab meat , half white and half brown.
Perfect for Crab Linguine.


White Crabmeat

454g tub.
Scottish White crabmeat, Good for Crab cakes.


New Zealand Half Shell Mussels

Sold in a 1kg box.
A plump and sweet meat which is versatile and can be grilled, baked, fried or steamed.


Mussel in Shell

1kg vacuum bag cooked in their juices.
Ready to add to many recipes towards the end.