New Zealand Half Shell Mussels

Sold in a 1kg box.
A plump and sweet meat which is versatile and can be grilled, baked, fried or steamed.


Mussel in Shell

1kg vacuum bag cooked in their juices.
Ready to add to many recipes towards the end.


Clam in Shell

1kg vacuum packed bag.
Cooked and ideal to add to a recipe towards the end.
Defrost before using.


Luxury Seafood Mixy

A high quality mixy containing Squid ring, Mussel meat and Prawns. 908gram bag.


Seafood Mixy

A selection of mixed seafood to include, Squid pieces. Squid tentacles, Cuttlefish and Prawns. 1kg bag.


Chapman’s East Coast Crabcakes

Made with the finest Crab with Red Peppers and Rocket in a light Breadcrumb coating.
2 x 115g per pack.
Oven bake from frozen.


Chapman’s Seafood Wellington’s

Handmade Gourmet Wellington's produced in Grimsby.
Salmon and King Prawns in a Thermidor sauce, wrapped in puff pastry andfinished with a slice of lemon & parsley.
2 x 220g per pack.
Oven bake from frozen.