Venison & Game

Venison Loins

A lean meat full of flavour that simply mealts in your mouth.
A tasty alternative to use for a Wellington.
Locally Sourced.


Haunch Joints

1kg -2.5kg
A terrific alternative to a beef roast, Red deers are very lean and full of flavour.


Haunch Steaks

Cut to size. Price per kg.
A wonderful steak ( treat like a beef steak) full of gamey flavours.
Sourced locally.


Boned Venison Shoulder

Red Deer locally sourced, very lean with a wonderful taste, ideal for slow cooker meal.
Cut to size. Supplied fresh or frozen as available.



Sold individually.
A perfect bird to roast or casserole.
From local shoots
May contain shot.


Pheasant Breasts

Sold in 500g packs Generally frozen. Skinless.



Locally sourced , oven ready, a perfect bird for one.
Sold individually.



Sold individually. A gamey duck flavour, fresh as available if not frozen.


Whole Pigeon

Sold individually frozen.


Pigeon Breasts

Available in 500g packs Generally sold frozen. Skinless.


Rabbit (wild)

Sold individually available frozen.