Haunch Joints

1kg -2.5kg
A terrific alternative to a beef roast, Red deers are very lean and full of flavour.


Haunch Steaks

Cut to size. Price per kg.
A wonderful steak ( treat like a beef steak) full of gamey flavours.
Sourced locally.


Boned Venison Shoulder

Red Deer locally sourced, very lean with a wonderful taste, ideal for slow cooker meal.
Cut to size. Supplied fresh or frozen as available.


Duck fat (rendered)

250g tub A wonderful addition to Duck legs or when added to roast potatoes.


Sausage Meat 500g Tube

500g pack of sausage meat ideal for meatballs, sausage rolls and stuffing at Christmas.
Available FROZEN



Sold individually.
A perfect bird to roast or casserole.
From local shoots May contain shot
Fresh or Frozen as available..


Pheasant Breasts

Sold in 500g packs Generally frozen. Skinless.



Locally sourced , oven ready, a perfect bird for one.
Sold individually.
Fresh or frozen as available.